Edison Grand Parade 2019

By Boy Scouts Troop 4 (other events)

Saturday, February 16 2019 5:00 PM 10:30 PM
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Edison Parade Seats

Main St
Fort Myers, FL 33901

WE ARE A NON SMOKING SECTION (neighboring organizations might not have same rules)

NOTE:  We are in the GOLD section on Edwards Drive,between the intersection of Hendry St and Jackson St.

PARKING:  Parking Gurages are located at #1) Bay St and Manroe #2) Main Street and Jackson St.

HANDICAP PARKING: two locations:  #1) Monroe and Edwards (Post Office)  #2) First St. and Heitman St.  (Lee County Zoning & Permitting building)

Our seats are located on Edwards between Hendry St. and Jackson Str.  

We are VERY near ALL of the food vendors that is on Hendry St. and Edwards.  The Arts & Crafts is several blocks away and once I have location will update this.

NOTE:   There are walk ways approximatly every 50 Seats for emergency purposes (25 frt and 25 snd row)